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Benefits of online diary software

Gain clients

A customer focused approach

By providing your customers with your real-time availabilities you will be able to manage your schedule more efficiently and improve customer satisfaction at the same time.

Analyse all of your customer data

With our comprehensive statistics module, you will understand your target group even better with access to data on all of your customers and on your business: customer details, appointment history, average customer spend, per week, per month. You can even see how many new clients you attracted since using Timendo!

Gain money

Put an end to missed appointments

Stop no shows with email confirmations and text reminders.
Your clients will arrive on time and sales won't take a hit.

No hidden charges

You get a software license and all extra's are included: back ups, updates, installation, technical assistance... in another words, sign up and Timendo will handle the rest.
96% of our clients renew Timendo after having used it.

Gain time

A calendar tailored to your needs

The calendar can adapt to your business and working habits. The online booking page is fully customisable and can integrate easily with your website. And if you don't have a website, we'll create one for you!

Secure and accessible

Your calendar synchronises with all of your devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet, Outlook...). Timendo also has off-line capabilities, so all of your files are automatically saved on your PC even if your internet cuts.

Are you ready?
Our expert advisors are always available to help should you require any assistance.
No extra fees or restrictions apply. We aim to support you fully throughout your use of Timendo.
Request information and test our agenda for free!




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